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Custom Amp Covers

Bespoke Amp Covers, Tailored for You.

Every amplifier tells a unique story, and at RIGG, we understand the nuances. While we offer padded amp covers for an extensive range of makes and models, we know there’s always that one amp with its special charm that may not fit the usual mold. Our mission? Keeping that distinct amp protected and pristine for the long haul.

Can’t spot your amp’s cover on our list? No sweat. Whether you’re seeking a specific quote or need a custom fit, just drop your measurements using the form below or shoot us a message. Remember to account for any corner hardware in your dimensions, but let the feet step out of the height.

Rest assured, our bespoke covers come with the same rugged, handcrafted, USA-made quality as our standard offerings. It’s more than just a cover; it’s a snug, durable embrace that shields your amp from the inevitable bumps and grazes of daily use.