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About Us

For Musicians, By Musicians.

RIGG Amp Covers: Rugged. Integral. Gig. Gear.

Hand made by musicians, for musicians. At RIGG Amp Covers we make high quality, hand sewn padded amp covers guaranteed to protect your amp or cabinet from small knicks, scratches, and scuffs. Great for weekend warriors, professional players, and hobbyists alike.

We are a small family run business located just west of Milwaukee, WI.  Hand sewn, high quality, padded amp covers for regular players as well as reputable boutique amp and cabinet builders.

Cindy does the bulk of the sewing and stitching.  She is also my wonderful Mom!  Making these amp covers started as a project for something else entirely and grew into something rather unique!  We learned rather quickly we found a great product that musicians really dig!
Feel free to reach out and send a message if you have any questions!

– Geoff (Founder & Owner)